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Moreton City Excelsior FC proudly emerged as the dynamic fusion of two established clubs, Albany Creek Excelsior and Moreton Bay United, uniting their rich footballing legacies to create a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to the beautiful game.

Founded in 2012, Moreton Bay United (MBU) swiftly became a respected name in North Brisbane football, celebrated for their commitment to talent development and community engagement. With numerous championships, MBU stood as a symbol of excellence, instilling a love for the sport among youth players and emphasizing teamwork.

Established in 1963, Albany Creek Excelsior (ACE) became a cornerstone of football in Albany Creek, known for their inclusive atmosphere and passionate community. ACE’s grassroots approach nurtured skilled players and a strong sense of sportsmanship among members.

In 2023, these two clubs united to form Moreton City Excelsior FC. This merger was not just a blending of talents but a fusion of legacies, honoring the origins of MBU and ACE. Today, Moreton City Excelsior FC stands as a testament to the enduring values of talent development, community engagement, and sportsmanship, carrying the rich heritage of both clubs forward into a new era of football excellence.

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