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Referees are the unsung heroes of the football field, ensuring fair play and sportsmanship in every match. If you have a passion for football and a commitment to upholding the integrity of the game, we invite you to consider becoming a referee at MC.

Attributes We Value in Our Referees:

Knowledge of the Game

A strong understanding of the rules and regulations of football is essential. Our referees should be well-versed in the laws of the game to ensure a fair and safe playing environment.

Fairness and Impartiality

Referees are entrusted with making unbiased decisions. We seek individuals who can maintain composure, make objective judgments, and treat all participants with respect.

Communication Skills

Effective communication with players, coaches, and spectators is vital. Referees should be able to explain decisions, manage conflicts, and maintain control of the game.

Fitness and Stamina

Football matches can be physically demanding. Referees should be in good physical condition, capable of keeping up with the pace of the game, and making accurate decisions throughout.


Referees must have the confidence to make split-second decisions, even in high-pressure situations. Confidence inspires trust in your decisions from players and coaches.


Football is dynamic, and situations can change rapidly. Referees should be adaptable, able to assess evolving game scenarios, and apply the rules accordingly.



Respecting players, coaches, fellow officials, and the spirit of the game is paramount. Referees should uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship and integrity.


Refereeing is a commitment to the game and the community. Referees should be punctual, reliable, and dedicated to ensuring a positive soccer experience for all participants

Join Us as a Referee

If you possess these attributes and are ready to play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and fairness of football matches, we encourage you to complete the referee application form below. Your dedication and impartiality are essential to creating a soccer environment where the rules are upheld, and the game is played with respect and sportsmanship.

Together, we can ensure that every match at MCE is a fair and enjoyable experience for all. Thank you for considering becoming a referee and contributing to the success of our football community.

Game Day Report

We kindly request that you please record and submit your game day report for the match you officiated. This report is vital for our records and future improvement. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our club.

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