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Ready for 'exciting' merger

Moreton Bay United Chairman Ben Parkin and ACE President Tony Dooley ready for the merger.

Moreton Bay United and Albany Creek Excelsior (ACE) will officially merge at the start of next month to become Moreton City Excelsior.

November 1 will see the formation of a bigger, stronger, vibrant, more sustainable club which will always have the values of Moreton Bay United and ACE at its core.

The renowned youth development philosophy of both will be delivered and adapted for all playing levels and ages by our expanded technical team.

Our new club logo has been confirmed. More details, including playing colours and structures, will be released in coming weeks.

The merger was backed by members of both clubs at meetings in September and has the full support and approval of Football Queensland.

“The history of these two clubs will always remain at the heart of the new club and I am really excited about what the future looks like for Moreton City Excelsior," Ben Parkin, Chairman of Moreton Bay United, said:

“Combining these two proud clubs provides so many varied pathways through our Senior, Youth and Community programs, aligns many roles and processes, removes duplication and enhances continuity, consistency and sustainability that will allow us to be a force in Queensland and Australian football for years to come.

“We have some great people involved across our clubs and I'm sure they will continue to work hard to ensure the success of Moreton City Excelsior.”

ACE President Tony Dooley said: “I am thrilled to see the extensive and collaborative work undertaken by a number of dedicated people from ACE and Moreton Bay United culminate in a unified entity for the benefit of our members.

“This process has not been taken lightly and we will always pay homage to the proud history of both clubs and the undeniable success which has stamped the region as a force in Queensland football. “The most exciting aspect for me is the opportunity for our community players to be exposed to the current Gold-rated junior academy of Moreton Bay United technical team and for our senior players to play for the one club at NPL or FQPL level from 2024.” While we wait for next season’s junior and academy league structures to be announced, everyone involved in the 18-month merger process is looking forward to giving players with the chance to play the game we all love, under a new name.


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